Septic Tank Pumping in Tulsa County, OK

To avoid costly problems and stay ahead of potential health risks regarding your septic tank, it’s best to keep up on inspections and septic tank pumping in Tulsa County, OK. Milty’s Septic Services is proud to serve all of “Green Country” and can help you catch and stay abreast of any issues that might keep your tank from performing at its best.

Septic inspections

Septic Service Tulsa County OK

Our experienced techs will diagnose your septic tank problems with a full inspection. We have the ability to locate and uncover the tank, check the outlet baffle and measure the levels of your solids and water levels. While we have your tank open, we’ll also check for signs of lateral leakage. Our inspection and report service ranges from $175 to $250—much cheaper than many problems cost to resolve!

Aerobic systems

To keep your aerobic system properly functioning, it’s imperative to proactively check for problems. The best way to achieve this is through annual services. For $100 to $150, we’ll thoroughly assess and address your aerobic system to ensure it’s kept in the highest working order.

We have experience with a variety of brands, including Solar Air and Clearstream. To figure out what type of aerobic system you have, please reference the following sites:

Chamber system installation

Septic Service Tulsa County OK

Looking to upgrade your septic system to a more effective and efficient chamber system? We’re pleased to install Infiltrator® Systems. Speak with one of our septic professionals today regarding this upgrade, to see if it’s right for you.

Tank Pumping

It’s important to consider the health of your septic tank based on its capacity and functional capabilities. This is why septic pumping in Tulsa County, OK is so important. Regular and effective pumping cleans out your tank and allows it to function at the capacity it was meant to. Our trained professionals will hook up a pumping truck, safely and quickly removing the waste so your tank can continue operating at full capacity.

Storm cellars

With the vast resources available to us, Milty’s Septic Services is always looking for ways to better serve our customers. In addition to inspections and septic tank pumping in Tulsa County, OK, we now also offer storm cellar installation. Our goal is to provide you with a storm cellar that’s able to protect you and your family even in the worst weather.